Beijing blames NATO for misrepresenting ‘China danger hypothesis’


Beijing on Tuesday blamed NATO for misrepresenting the danger from China and “making a showdown”, after a pledge from the Western partners to cooperate to counter the difficulties presented by its strategies.

NATO pioneers said Monday they would unite against the “foundational challenges” presented by China’s strategies, as US President Joe Biden reestablished Washington’s Transatlantic ties at his first highest point with the partners.

China accuses NATO of exaggerating Beijing threat, 'creating confrontation'

In an expansive explanation of expectation, the pioneers said China’s inexorably decisive activities in building an atomic armory and space and digital fighting abilities undermined the worldwide request


a group of people in uniform: Beijing has accused NATO of 'creating confrontation' and exaggerating the threat it poses to the West

In a furious reaction, an assertion from the Chinese Mission to the European Union called for NATO to “see China’s improvement objectively, quit overstating different types of ‘China danger hypothesis’ and not to blame China’s real advantages and lawful rights for controlling gathering legislative issues (while) misleadingly making conflicts”.

It added that NATO’s allegations were a “defamation of China’s quiet turn of events, a misinterpretation of the global circumstance and its own job, and it is the continuation of a Cold War attitude and the gathering’s political brain research at work”


Pittsburgh vs Beijing: Biden takes aim at China in key speech |  International Trade News | Al Jazeera

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the partners would try to help out China on worldwide issues like environmental change – yet denounced Beijing’s inexorably decisive position on different issues.

It came a day after the Chinese government office in Britain hit back at the G7 for “political control” after the gathering scrutinized China’s basic liberties record in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

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