Autonomous drone attacked troopers in LIBYA all on its own


The worry of killer robots is as recent as robots themselves — thinkers like Elon Musk and surface-to-air missile Harris have long argued that AI poses a significant threat to human civilization. however if you are in any respect panic-struck regarding AI or robots, a replacement world organisation report could boost your anxiety, because it explains that a drone attacked (and probably killed) troopers all on its own.

The STM Kargu-2, which its manufacturer describes as a "rotary wing attack drone loitering munition system." STM

It’s thought to be the primary recorded case of associate degree autonomous drone attack.

The incident occurred in March 2020 in African nation, a rustic that was within the inside of a warfare. Turkey, a key combatant within the war, deployed the remembering Kargu-2 drone, consistent with the world organisation Security Council’s Panel of consultants on African nation report. The drone, that the report refers to as a “lethal autonomous weapon,” then found and attacked Libya’s Haftar military.

Logistics convoys and retiring forces were “hunted down and remotely engaged by deadly autonomous weapons systems like the remembering Kargu-2,” the report reads. “The deadly autonomous weapons systems were programmed to attack targets while not requiring knowledge property between the operator and also the munition: in impact, a real ‘fire, forget and find’ capability.”

The world organisation in 2018 tried to start functioning on a written agreement that may ban autonomous weapons, however the move was blocked by each the North American country and Russia, leader rumored at the time. Human Rights Watch has been campaign against such weapons since 2013, and has backed a campaign to prevent their unfold.

“Killer mechanism proliferation has begun,” tweeted soap Tegman, a machine learning investigator at university. “It’s not in humanity’s best interest that low-cost slaughterbots square measure factory-made associate degreed wide on the market to anyone with an axe to grind. It’s time for world leaders to boost up and take a stand.”

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