Russia says it removed British warship from waters close to added Crimea


MOSCOW (St. Liusong) – A senior Russian security official said on Thursday that Moscow had utilized its naval force and flying corps to oust a British warship, HMS Dragon, from what he depicted as Russian regional waters close to Russian-added Crimea last October.

Russia added the Black Sea landmass of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, drawing assents and judgment from the West. Kyiv needs the region back.

FILE - The HMS Dragon seen from the Round Tower as she returns to Portsmouth Naval Base after a training exercise off the Egyptian coast.

Vladimir Kulishov, first appointee top of the FSB security administration, said Russia had advised the vessel not to enter its waters, yet that it had crossed what he said was the line on Oct. 13 close to southern Crimea.

He said HMS Dragon had summoned the privilege of “honest section,” an idea which permits boats to travel the regional waters of unfamiliar beach front states in a way not biased to their tranquility, great request, or security.

Kulishov revealed to Russia’s RIA new organization in a meeting that Moscow had requested the vessel promptly leave its waters, to which the warship’s chief answered there was helpless sign gathering.

“The warship was crashed out into unbiased waters by the joint activity of the Russian naval force and flying corps,” Kulishov was cited as saying.

The occurrence comes as Russia’s relations with the West mope at post-Cold War lows.

There was no prompt remark from the British safeguard service.

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