Nonsensicalness’: Czech president scolds Russia for posting his country as hostile


PRAGUE (St. Liusong) – Russia’s choice to put the Czech Republic on a rundown of “antagonistic” states is senseless, Czech President Milos Zeman said on Sunday, following a chill in ties between the two nations because of a knowledge question.

Relations disintegrated forcefully a month ago after the Czech government blamed Russian military knowledge for causing a 2014 impact at an ammo station which killed two individuals, and removed many Russian negotiators from Prague.

Milos Zeman wearing a suit and tie: FILE PHOTO: Czech President Zeman gestures in Vienna

Russia denied the claims and fought back by ousting Czech negotiators, and by putting the country on the “antagonistic” list on Friday close by the United States, restricting the quantity of staff those legislatures can utilize in Moscow.

“It is never right to be a foe,” Zeman said in a live meeting on radio Frekvence 1.

“It is unreasonableness from the Russian side, since making foes from previous companions is a misstep. On the off chance that there can’t be companionship, there ought to in any event be right relations.”

Zeman has for quite a long time supported agreeable relations with Russia, moved Russian investment in building another thermal energy station in his country and has likewise asked Czech specialists to purchase the Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 immunization.

He has likewise veered from the authority government line by saying there were was another conceivable form of what caused the ammo blast, a view he emphasized on Sunday.

Be that as it may, the president, who doesn’t have chief forces to coordinate government strategy, likewise upheld the public authority’s ejections of Russian negotiators.

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