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“Your mom would be disappointed in who you’ve become”: Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones go back and forth

If it wasn’t personal before, Israel Adesanya just ensured it was.

By St. Liu

If things were personal between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya already, it just got taken up a notch.

Since UFC 253, Jones has been shooting numerous tweets off at Adesanya’s expense, mocking what he perceives as the middleweight champion’s fear at the prospect of meeting him in the Octagon.

Well, evidently the words reached Adesanya’s ears, and he fired back with an exceptionally personal tweet in response to the former light heavyweight champion.

“My pops already told me how I’d beat you. Trust me he knows. Your mom would be disappointed in who you’ve become,” Adesanya wrote.

Jones’ mother, whom he’s attributed as a huge inspiration and source of support in his life, passed away in 2017. While some might baulk at the nature of Adesanya’s comment, the 185-pound king made it clear why he went in so hard.

“So to get ahead of all the bullshit coming … Lol if Jones has this much knowledge about the fight game and fame game he woulda known not to run back to the car to get the money and coke. Dumbass,” Adesanya wrote.

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