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Mayorkun’s Mother Toyin Adewale Says She Didn’t Want Him To Do Music

“Betty Butter” hitmaker Mayorkun is enjoying the life of a successful entertainer but little does many know that his music career did not almost take off.

Despite having a famous actress Toyin Adewale as his mother, she was skeptical about his venturing into music.

In a chat with City People, the Nollywood actress has explained that she had her reservations about Mayorkun pursuing a music career

According to her, although he has always been a member of the church choir, she never thought he would want to pursue music as a career.

She said:

“I never knew Mayowa will go into music. He used to be a junior choir master while in the choir, but never knew he would go this far, because he has always been a very quiet, easy-going person.”

She went on to add that she didn’t want him in the entertainment industry because she was scared considering she herself has been in that industry for a long time.

She admits that it was Mayorkun’s father who convinced her to give the “Geng” crooner a chance and she obliged.

“It was his father who said Toyin, let’s give him a chance, he studied banking in school,” she added

Mayorkun now holds a place as one of the most sought-after singers in Nigeria and the proud mom says despite his success, she ensures to keep a close check on him.

“I follow and monitor him all the time. In fact, if he has the power to send me out of Instagram, he would have done that since, because I am always on his page every day.”

The actress also said she has a lot of screenshots on her page which were taken from Mayorkun’s Instagram page.

“If I show you my phone you will see different pictures that I screen munched from his page, once I see anything unusual, I snap and call his attention to it, he will be like mummy, please give me a breathing space.”

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