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No Time To Die Theory: James Bond 25 Kills 007 (But Not Craig’s Version)

Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie, No Time To Die is soon to be released. Could the film force James out of retirement by killing off another 007?BY CATHAL GUNNING9 HOURS AGO

James Bond’s 25th cinematic outing (featuring Daniel Craig’s final performance as Bond) No Time To Die is soon to be released, and the film could explain his return from retirement by killing off his replacement 007. After a troubled production and numerous delays, No Time To Die is finally set to be released in November 2020. Following Bond’s relatively lengthy absence from screens, it’s fair to say that expectations are high for No Time To Die.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

With so much riding on the success of No Time To Die, it’s not surprising that the studio is trying to keep details of the film under wraps. But one of the most exciting developments was the casting of Captain Marvel‘s Lashana Lynch as Nomi. A fellow “00” agent, Nomi will be a newcomer to MI6, having begun active service after Daniel Craig’s 007 retired. This initially led to rumors and speculation that Nomi would be the “new James Bond” – a theory that was soon debunked. However, if Nomi took over the code number 007 after Bond left MI6 (as is rumored), No Time To Die could kill off Lynch’s 007 as a way to bring Bond back out of retirement.

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The theory may sound outlandish, but it actually makes a lot of sense. James Bond is older, battle-scarred and exhausted compared to the man we met in Casino Royale, and it’s clear that it would take a lot to bring the ageing character out of retirement. Craig’s version of 007 will have been retired for five years by the time the action of No Time to Die begins, so it would take something dramatic to tempt him back into service. And what could be more dramatic than the death of his replacement?

Who Is No Time To Die’s Nomi?

Eventually the role of James Bond may well be played by a person of color or a woman, but No Time To Die won’t be the film to change that status quo. It’s clear that No Time To Die‘s Lashana Lynch will not actually be playing the “new” James Bond, a detail which should have been obvious from the fact that Craig returned in that role for this latest installment. And despite public pressure, there’s also no indication that Bond is likely to be played by a woman in the near-future. In 2018, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli said, “Bond is male. He’s a male character. He was written as a male and I think he’ll probably stay as a male.” Based on what we’ve seen in the trailers, Lynch’s character Nomi will be another 00 agent who rose in the ranks of MI6 following the retirement of Craig’s Bond. So while Nomi isn’t James Bond himself (or herself), she could well have inherited the title of 007 from him now that the spy is finally enjoying a well-earned break.

Why No Time To Die Could Kill Nomi

With Nomi’s 00 number yet to be revealed, it stands to reason that this she may be playing the new 007. Even if she doesn’t inherit the name James Bond, this would essentially make her Craig’s replacement. There’s no denying the fact that killing off Craig’s 007 would make it easier to reboot Bond. But given the long gap between films, Craig’s advancing age, and public pressure for a new Bond, the death of Lynch’s character would be a much more unexpected plot twist that could leave viewers reeling. After all, if No Time To Die does see Lynch’s character take over the title of 007, the last thing moviegoers would expect is for this new protagonist to die during one of her earliest missions.

If Lynch’s 007 dies early on in No Time To Die‘s action, her unexpected death (presumably at the hands of one of Bond’s enemies) could drive her predecessor out of retirement. However, the potential death of Lynch’s 007 does not mean the film won’t still be the swan song for Craig’s iteration of the Bond character. After all, before her casting was even announced viewers already knew that Craig would be quitting James Bond after No Time To Die. The fact that Craig is leaving regardless makes the death of Lynch’s new 00 agent all the more unlikely, which in turns means that the potential twist would have even more of an impact on unsuspecting audiences.

Why Nomi Could (& Should) Survive No Time To Die

At the time of writing, not a lot is known for sure about the specifics of No Time to Die‘s plot. Viewers know that Bond’s old nemesis Blofeld will be back, as will Spectre‘s Dr. Madeline Swann. But the film will also herald the arrival of a slew of new characters alongside Nomi, such as the new villain Safin, played by Bohemian Rhapsody‘s Rami Malek. While Nomi may not be the new James Bond, the introduction of a Black, female 00 agent is still a move that diversifies the franchise – and that means that killing her off for the sake of James Bond’s character arc would be taking one step forward and two steps back.

Following female-led reboots like Ghostbusters and Ocean’s Eight, not to mention the introduction of the first female Doctor in Doctor Who, the debate over whether iconic gentleman spy James Bond necessarily has to be white and male has intensified. If Lynch is playing MI6’s new 007, as a sort of half-measure response to this discussion, it would come across as reactionary if the film immediately killed her off and reinstated Craig’s Bond in her place. After all, the Craig era already has a high body count when it comes to Bond girls.

Even though it’s his last appearance in the role, it’s extremely unlikely that Craig’s James Bond will be killed off in No Time to Die. It’s far more likely that it will become the first movie to kill off 007 on a technicality, with the death of Bond’s replacement. But while that might have some short-term shock value, there’s more value to be found in keeping Lynch’s character alive, and perhaps even bringing her back as a bridge into the next era of 007 movies

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