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Botched Before & After: See the Show’s Most Shocking Transformations!

By St. Liu AUG 01, 2020 2:00 PMTAGS

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MONDAYS: “Botched” Is Back to Fix Head, Shoulders, Lips & Nose

It’s safe to say that Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are really good at what they do.

For six seasons now, the Botched docs have continually shocked both their patients and those tuning in at home by performing the most complicated of procedures—all to correct former failed surgeries—and delivering stunning transformations. Oftentimes, thanks to the plastic surgery experts, you can’t even tell what went wrong with a patient’s initial operation!

And there’s still so much more to come. Botched‘s sixth season is back with brand new episodes starting Aug. 3, and as fans of the E! show surely recall, this season is packed with “stories that you think would never happen,” as they put it on Daily Pop earlier this year. 

“We decided this season to take on those patients that normally we would pass on, that weren’t considered fixable,” Heather Dubrow‘s husband told E!’s Justin Sylvester. “But because we’ve been doing this for so long, we have sort of special operations and special skills for these incredibly difficult

So far, the docs have certainly delivered. In recent episodes, the two have done everything from correct a breast augmentation performed by a dentist to help a woman with “dead person” breasts!

There’s way more madness to come, but in the meantime, reminisce on Botched‘s most shocking transformations by scrolling through the gallery below!

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